Dark Skies

Celestial Bodies,
Art & Sounds

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Dark Skies

Inspired by the global dark sky conservation movement and Canada’s leading role in establishing the world’s largest dark sky preserve, Dark Skies: Celestial Bodies, Art & Sounds is a transdisciplinary exhibition that brings to life diverse forms of celestial knowledge.

Co-curated by Nicola Levell and April Liu, the project features artists, traditional knowledge keepers, and storytellers from around the world to reignite a sense of wonder and awe in the cosmos as urban light pollution blankets over 80% of the world's dark skies. Presented in collaboration with the Haida Gwaii Museum, the exhibition will be available for touring in January 2021, with a vision to travel to museums, art galleries, and planetariums across Canada and beyond.

Comprised primarily of new media pieces, this exhibition is easily customized to accommodate a range of safety protocols put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured Artists

  • Ben Z Cooper + Samm Z Cooper
  • Vicki Couzens
  • Derek Edenshaw
  • Meghann O’Brien
  • George Rammell
  • Ruby Singh
  • Ernest Swanson